Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Just how many matches are accessible?

Back in November 2015 we published our very first match, that may consist of challenges and numerous worlds to keep kids participated. Our match has been released in our match and March 20-16 in might 20-16. Even as we've multiple thoughts, games will be released by us approximately every 3-4 weeks. Another game is going to be published in September 11-17.

How do I Obtain the very Racing Rivals games?

Games are offered for Android i-OS and Racing Rivals apparatus. Simply visit the Program or Play Store, hunt for "Utoothia" or to get "Racing Rivals" and you'd find our matches. We have 3 matches -- Utoothia Sky Utoothia and also Utoothia Magic.

Which match do you want to begin with?

For kids, we suggest to start Sky and our. Utoothia Magic and also the matches Utoothia are ideal for children at the era between twelve and six decades.

Can Racing Rivals operate in my Kid's Racing Rivals?

Yes, Amazon's Racing Rivals H D is supported by us. Download our games.

How do I track the progress of my little one?

You may find facts about your children's brushing operation from the "Statistics" page of each match. Select the Your kid's personality, and then click on the button that is stats . At 25-12 we will release a parents program, that may show the statistics of of the games within one program.

I'm cleaning correctly however, the match isn't reacting when I need. What's this?

Racing Rivals uses motion detectors to ascertain your motion. To make sure that this works nicely, please ensure that the Racing Rivals is connected and also you abide by the instructions in the match. It is crucial that you recharge your Racing Rivals at the least one time each month to guarantee a blue tooth connection.

Could I compete along with different members of the loved ones?

Racing Rivals has leaderboards The advancement of multiple users . Additionally, is a leader board, where you can contend aroundtheworld with countless of Playbrushers.

Please see our tutorial just how to enroll inside your Racing Rivals Family program.

Exactly why would the critters move in this manner?

That which was made with the movement enabled the remaining part of the game and also a funding.

Help I'm trapped!

Do not worry! Rescue & reloading solves 99 percent of issues. You might also try moving Settings. Restart Area that'll spawn you in fresh part of exactly the exact same location.

I'm hearing loud sounds and viewing mad pictures

Whether it's pushed to frame prices, the match will optimize it self. It does so by simply establishing Disasters that may be turned off under Preferences. If you're seeing these you require a system that is faster and maybe playing with the game.

Will Be the discussions people domainname?

No - that they appear under particular license from the Rivals Project - a brand new partnership by Mark Watts - that himself listed a number of the talks. The Rivals job will offer sound for musicians to use in endeavors.

Where do I find more Rivals?

A lot of Alan's discussions are offered to buy here - and - funds move towards completing the enormous record of the work.